Dear Soren: Age 9

Dear Soren-

Today you turn 9!

Happy Birthday! It was fun looking back at pictures of you from this last year. I noticed how many new things you tried. BMX racing, flag football, dirt biking, hunting and a lot of small things in between. I can tell how much you've matured just by watching you in all of your new activities. You approach new things with more confidence and aren't as upset when you fail. You're learning how valuable failing can be and I hope you never forget that. You will always learn from failure. Don't be afraid to fail. I hope you will always get back up and try again.

Your heart for service has not dwindled. You continue to love making people feel welcome, special and loved. I love the drink bars of juices or teas you set up for guests and family. You're not keen on thank you notes and prompted giving, but you love random acts of kindness. Whether its baking something or framing a picture you've drawn, people will always love gifts that are unexpected and from the heart. You have a huge heart!

You are cautiously adventurous and as a mother I couldn't be more thankful for that combination.
You love to tell stories. Even if they're a bit exaggerated.
You are fascinated with rocks, nature and science.
You are a loyal friend.
You love to swim.
You like showing off your magic tricks.
You like puns.
You've got a great laugh!

You've accepted your challenges in school. You've met them head on and are learning to accept them and see what a gift they truly are. You may not recognize those blessings until you are older.  Don't ever let people put you in a box. Don't put yourself in a box. God is bigger than our societal labels.

The best part about this last year is that you gave your life to the Lord! You accepted him into your heart. On your own terms, when you were ready.  Jesus will always be the best thing in life. You won't always understand him, you may not always sense his presence, but he will never leave you. He delights in you Soren.

Happy Birthday Bud! I love you so much. I am so thankful I get to be your mom!

(If you're wondering where your letter from your 8th birthday is, well, I didn't write one last year. Please forgive me.)

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