This is her.

Fresh flowers on the nightstand, a bottle of water, pictures hanging on the door, the bedside light on, just the bedside light, fresh towels, suitcase holder at the foot of the bed, suggested reading under the mirror. This is welcome. This is her. This is love. 

Happy birthday, happy half birthday, 10 years ago today you..., happy anniversary, live simply, love greatly, pictures, quotes, books, magazines, handkerchiefs, gift cards. This is celebration. This is her. This is love. 

Twice a month, mailbox stuffed full, packages for the kids, themed, books, outfits, pictures, cards, coloring books, crayons. This is missing. This is her. This is love. 

Mantle full, names, pictures, books, cards, gifts, candles, stockings, confetti on the table, something at each parsons seat, party poppers, hats, food. This is holiday. This is her. This is love. 

Meetings, patience, ideas, strength, advice, strategy, questions, answers, caregiver, teacher, prayers. This is life. This is her. This is love. 

Prayer, laughter, sadness, joy, travel, service, long talks, quick phone calls, stop overs, help, meals, heart. This is friendship. This is her. This is love. 

Love, patience, sickness, health, frustration, joy, cards in the briefcase. This is marriage. This is her. This is love. 

Safety, patience, calm, joy, laughter, meals around the table, guests, hostessing, friends over, strangers turned into family, pool parties. This is home. This is her. This is love. 

Nurse, teacher, cook, counselor, pastor, taxi driver, cheerleader, shopper, secret keeper, enforcer, leader, playmate, encourager, supporter. This is motherhood. This is her. This is love. 

This is Janet. This is my mother. This is her. This is love. 

Happy Mothers Day Mom! You truly are an amazing woman. I could add so much more to the lists above. Thank you for the amazing mother you have been to the four of us and to so many others who needed a temporary home. I look up to you as a great example of what it means to be mother. I miss you daily, but I thank you for the wings you have given me to fly and become who I am today. Hugs and Kisses to you!!

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  1. Your mama is one of the most wonderfuly warm-hearted people I know!

    Mel Bingham