mermaid party

I was all set and ready to begin purchasing items for a ballet themed party for my daughter who just turned three. Then she saw the movie Peter Pan. I don't think I ever noticed the mermaids in that movie, but Eva sure did and took a keen interest in mermaids. My mother-in-law found an old cassette tape of the The Little Mermaid soundtrack for the car and before we knew it our friend was letting us borrow their DVD of The Little Mermaid. So ballerinas were pushed aside and mermaids took center stage sea in our home. 

We had a family party and it was great to have my parents in town to help celebrate. We ate yummy Alaskan King Salmon, fresh crab from the Sound, played Cornhole and baseball and finished the night off with my friends homemade strawberry cupcakes. 


  1. Linnea, you are amazing! I can't imagine how much time went into making that party. Beautiful! I'm sure Eva loved every second of it. :)

    1. Thank you Sheri. I love having a creative outlet through my kids parties. Pinterest is a huge help. :)