Dear Soren: Age 6

Dear Soren

What a growing year being 5 has been for you! You really are all boy now. No more trace of toddler in you, as much as I may want there to be. You started Kindergarten and you have done so well. It has been such a joy to watch you learn how to ride your bike, add, subtract, write and read. You’ve developed a new love for the sciences like chemistry and anatomy. You still love to create random things with food and are starting to perfect your art of making orange juice from scratch.  You continue to love to create art and give gifts to people. You want to make people feel so special and loved. You are keenly aware of other peoples emotions and you’ll try anything to cheer someone up. You are starting to get really good at quoting movies, you’ll learn about that talent in your father soon enough. You’ve tried soccer, tee ball, rock climbing and gymnastics. I still think golf is your calling, but when I ask you if you would like a coach, you tell me you already know everything you need to know about golf. I love that confidence in you and I pray you would use it for good and not become over confident to the point where you won’t allow yourself to learn new things. Humility. You are learning about the power of words. You are learning about integrity. We are trying to teach you to be a good kid no matter where you are or who is (or isn’t) watching you. You are learning more about responsibility. No one likes to do chores, but you are learning what good can come from that. You are a natural born leader. I pray that you will fall in love Jesus and use that leadership to further His kingdom. 

I love you more than I'll ever be able to show you. I am so proud of the little man you are becoming. God is going to do great things with you!


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