It's done!

Someone pop the champagne! Can I shout it from the roof tops? Linnea Ingrid Photography website and blog re-designs are done! I have spent months staring at my computer trying to get things the way I want it to be. I was on the brink of tears and ready to throw in the towel until I came across Lindsay Letters web design for ShowIt. Praise the Lord! This is what has been in my head all of these months!

If you look around the website you will find a few new things. Allow me to introduce you to them. Click on the links to learn more from the distributors themselves.
Snap Happy: offering classes to mothers who want to learn how to use their camera to take better photographs of their children.
PhotoBarn: photos printed on wood or burlap
Organic Bloom: unique, custom made frames
In home service: need help deciding how and where to hang your new photographs? We’ll help and even hang your products for you.
Video: Let us spend a few hours with your children/family filming and photographing to create memories that will come alive.
Studio: Our studio space is in the process of being built, but that isn’t stopping us from offering it to you as an option for your session.

It feels so great to be done with this huge project. Now I feel like I can focus all of my time on the actual photography. :)

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