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When my kitchen is clean I love to cook. When it is not, I want nothing to do with it. I hardly ever eat meat, but don't consider myself a vegetarian. I love fresh, clean food, but I can't say no to a Kit Kat or anything salted caramel. I get sick when I eat a of lot dairy and gluten, but pizza is delicious. I don't like to label myself or eliminate an entire food group because well, I like food. I cook from cookbooks and Pinterest. I tried a food delivery service for a few months and some weeks I'm at the grocery store every single day. I love to host friends and family and other times I'm a hermit and just want to eat popcorn for dinner. Despite all of my contradictions when it comes to food these cookbooks are my tried and true favorites. I've chosen three recipes from each book that you should definitely try. (Although I could definitely choose more from each.) What are your favorite cookbooks and recipes?

Bread & Wine: Shauna Niequist
A favorite in our home. Bread and Wine is more than a cookbook, it's filled with stories as well. It is one that has been passed around and gifted many times. 

Nigella's Brownies
Bacon Wrapped Dates
Mexican Grilled Corn

Everyday Food: Great Food Fast 
My copy is filled with grease splatters, drips of this and that and many ear marked pages. One of the first cookbooks I bought and one I always go back to. This has the mashed potato recipe everyone asks for and I know by heart. 

Crisp Goat Cheese
Flank Steak
Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

Chicken and Egg
With eight chickens roaming our property this book is essential. Although I could never eat Thelma and Louise, I'll purchase their distant cousins at the grocery for the rest of my family to consume. We do eat their eggs and they are delicious. Thank you ladies. 

Toasted Pecan Apple Pie (Because when two pies are served, I always take a small slice of both.)
Cinnamon Breakfast Popovers
Garlicky Butterflied Chicken

Help Yourself: Cookbook for Kids
Because my kids need to eat more plants. 

Dino Rolls
Power Towers
Pink Cous Cous

The Gardener & The Grill
I purchased this after I stopped eating meat but wanted to still enjoy food from The Big Green Egg when my husband grills. 

Grill Roasted Edamame
Baja Fish Tacos
Warm Blackberries with Grilled Pound Cake

Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. 
Have you seen Laura Miller on Tastemade? She is hilarious! In attempt to cut out not have anything processed I dig into this one. 

Nutty Butter Cups
Brussel Sprout Chips
Iced Brownies

Fast, Fresh & Green
The name says it all and thats why I bought it. 

Sweet Potato Mini Fries
Brown Butter Asparagus with Pine Nuts
Brown Butter Summer Squash "Linguine"

Love & Lemons
This is one of my favorite cookbooks ever. It is compiled by ingredient. Have an avocado that needs to get eaten up, Jeanine will tell you different things you can do with it. 

Dutch Baby
Curried Parsnip and White Bean Soup
Quick Pickled Onions

Grow Cook Eat
For the times I actually have something growing on our property. Not only are there recipes, but instructions on how to care for your plants and store produce

Shaved Summer Squash with Pecorino
All about blueberries
Lemony Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes

Epicurious Fresh Magazine
If I could hire someone to cook for me, I would hand them this magazine and tell them to cook everything in it!

Pea Asparagus Salad
Sauteed Lemon Maple Frisee
Maidstone Chowder

This is another I dig into when I actually have food growing outside. 

Blueberry Frangipane Tarts
Potatoes Au Gratin
Mixed Berry Chocolate Slab Pie

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