CM Blog Circle: Interesting Perspective

I was really excited about this months Clickin' Moms monthly challenge: Interesting Perspective. I think the challenge in trying to photograph from a different perspective than I'm used to is still being able to capture the story. My youngest loves to change clothes. She's not even three and I can't tell you the number of outfits she goes through in a day. If she has chosen a dress or skirt (which is about 98% of the time) she finds it necessary to twirl. This is the story I wanted to capture. I've chosen to share it in color as well as black and white.

To continue the circle and see how others captured interesting perspective check out Melissa's work.


  1. I love the story you captured! I love the overhead shots.

  2. beautiful work and great perspective!!!

  3. I love the perspectives and the story! Love your processing!

  4. Great perspectives - love the overhead ones.

  5. Oh my word.
    I love these images.
    Very, very sweet. Little girls are my favorite things : )

  6. This makes me smile. What were you standing on that got you so far above her? I like how she kept along with her dressing and twirling, not paying attention to you right over her, and I love the photo of her little face where she looks up at you.

    I do so enjoy your blog, although I don't always comment.

    Thanks for starting up the less-than-perfect-days segment also. I certainly relate.