meet the chicks

Meet the newest members of our family. I never knew little chicks could have so much personality. They are hilarious to watch.  We hadn't planned on raising chicks, but I've learned that with kids it's best to start with baby animals. I didn't want someone elses chickens that were not used to kids.

This is the baby of the group.  I've already had to clean her and trim up some feathers due to pasting up. 

Dolly is quiet and sweet. Named after Dolly Parton. Blonde and, well, robust. 
Maybe we'll nickname her Truvy. (Steel Magnolias, anyone?)

Mrs. Robinson is feisty and loud. I always wanted to name a chicken Mrs (something). 
So Sams choice of Mrs. Robinson is perfect. 

Flame is the leader and most confident. I'm wondering if she will actually be a rooster. Let's hope not. Soren picked her and named her. 

Patty is like Dolly, sweet and quiet. I named her after my favorite singer, Patty Griffin.  I didn't realize until this post that her name is even more fitting for a chicken. Let's just hope she never does become an actual patty. 

We had them in the house the first few days and I quickly learned that I am allergic to something about them. Maybe the chicks? Maybe the pine shavings? Maybe all of their dust? They are now in our shop, warm and away from our cat and dog, and I can breathe again.

If you've thought about raising chicks I HIGHLY recommend the book, Chick Days.  The author does an excellent job of chronicling the days with her chicks from week one through adulthood.

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