Dear Evalyn: Age 4

Dear Evalyn-

Happy 4th birthday to you. You have been talking about turning 4 since your 3rd birthday. Each day I heard about your "next birthday" and the type of party you were going to have. It has come and gone and I hope it was all you had in mind. It was challenging to put all of your ideas into one party, so we kept it simple.

I saw the most growth in your personality over the last year. You started pre-school and to think 10 months ago I didn't know if you'd be able to leave my side on that first day surprises me now seeing how confident you have become. You still hesitate a bit with new situations. You want to take it all in before jumping in. You and I are similar in that way. I pray that it won't stop you from trying new things. Fear can easily creep in and talk you out of something. May Christ give you the strength to help you face things in life that may seem challenging and intimidating.

You are hilarious. You have more facial expressions than I can keep track of. Your timing and wit seem to be beyond your yours. I hope you never lose that. Laughter can be such great medicine for those around you. Learn to use it wisely.

You are clean, neat and organized. You know what you want.

Embrace your hair. Just embrace it.

I pray the Lord will surround and bless you with amazing friends. Girls can be mean and caddy Eva. Don't give in to that. Your words have power. Your actions have power. May you use your strong personality to love others and treat them with kindness and generosity. It's easy for you to follow. Leadership may not be your strength, so I pray you will have amazing examples in your life to follow.

Your strong personality is balanced with a sweetness and care that I can't help but be drawn to. You still love to cuddle and even be carried around. I will carry you as long as my arms will allow me to. I will hug and kiss you until you tell me no more. You already show signs of compassion for others. The questions you ask lead me to believe you will be one of the first ones to respond to someone who needs caring for.

You wear dresses with pants. You dig dirt in skirts. You eat more swedish pancakes in one sitting than your uncle bubba and follow it up with strawberry lip gloss. You won't touch bugs, but you'll jump on the chickens to get a good hold of them. You'll change princess dresses 5 times, find the perfect one and then ride the skateboard. That is who you are. Don't feel like you need to fit into one category or another. You can be girly and be a tomboy.

I pray you will follow the Lord with all of your heart and soul. He loves you Eva. He loves you. Nothing you ever do will take His love away. Nothing. Trust in Him. Follow Him. He loves you.

I love you my sweet Eva.
Happy Birthday.

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