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You may remember when I announced my new photography website how I talked about Lindsay Letters awakening a sleeping giant within me. Her work inspired me to get back to creating. Art has always been a love of mine, as far back as when I entered a painting of mine into the College Hill art fair in elementary school. I remember that painting so vividly. It isn't just painting that I love, it's crafting, designing, writing, taking pictures and creating. Over ten years ago my dad gave me an art set for Christmas. It was filled with colored pencils, chalk, water colors and brushes. It was untouched. Beautiful. I never used it. It has moved with me from city to city and house to house. I would open it, ready to create, but just couldn't bring myself to use the materials. It was such a special gift, I didn't want it to go away. I was too afraid to ruin it.  Last month I finally used the water colors. That first drop of water on the paint was painful yet exhilarating. The art set was created to be used. In so many ways I feel like that art set. I was created to use my gifts and talents, yet I don't want to use them, I'm too afraid I'll screw it up. But I'm learning that is the beauty and process of art. Rarely does one see the sketchbook or the trash bin full of mistakes of a great artist. We only see their final product. I can't be afraid to mess up, because it's those mistakes that lead me to great art, to be the person I am called to be.

All that to say I've opened an Etsy store!  With the Holidays approaching I'm looking at this as more of a soft opening. You'll find canvases, prints, standouts, signs, digital downloads and more as I create and add to the store.

You can follow MyHouseandMe on instagram to stay updated on new items added to the store. So head on over to the My House and Me Etsy store to check it out!

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