I don’t want to wear a dress today. I want to go back to the comfort of my well-worn jeans. I want the familiarity of my Converse back on my feet.  I don’t want to do Dressember anymore. It was fun for the first few days. A challenge to dig a little deeper into my closet was one I gladly accepted. The wardrobe of a dress feels strange, as if I’m trying to be someone else. But I’m committed to this. Friends have given money in support of my efforts. I must remind myself why I am doing this. I must shift my attitude from annoyance to prayer. I must pray. I pray that as I put on my leggings the girls I am doing this for would be able to put on courage as they face their abusers. As I choose the dress for the day, I pray they would choose to not give up. As I wrap my scarf around my neck, I pray that God would wrap his arms around those who are hurting. As I look at the jewelry I have to choose from, I pray these women would choose to see hope. As I see those who are supporting me, I pray those who we are dressing for would see there are people praying, hoping and supporting them to get out. As I choose which shoes I wear, I pray the choices I make would not be ones that continue to keep women in slavery. As I stand on my feet today, dressed to face my small corner of the world, I pray these women would be able to stand. That they would soon be able to stand tall, able to face their world in freedom.

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