Hayley Morgan on The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

           Last fall a friend of mine introduced me to the podcast "The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey." I wasn't really into podcasts then except for the occasional sermon. Jen Hatmaker's new book had just been released and a group of us were talking about it when my friend told us to listen to The Happy Hour #63: The Christmas Special with Jen Hatmaker. I was hooked after that and I don't think I've missed an episode since. I used to listen to podcasts when I would walk the track at the Y. But since dropping my membership (do I really need to pay $90 a month to walk?) I have found other ways to listen throughout the day. I carry my phone in my pocket and listen as I fold laundry, do the dishes, work on a project, driving or let's be honest, when I play candy crush.  Which brings me to yesterdays episode #101 with Hayley Morgan. Hayley and her husband started the ethical kids clothing company Wildly Co. We love the clothes in our house. My daughter loves the skirt with the built in shorts and my son loves the varsity shorts. It was so great to listen to this podcast to learn more about the company, the clothing industry and Hayley's heart behind what she does. Hayley not only owns Wildly Co., she has co-authored the book Wild & Free and helped start The Influence Network.  A lot of links for you today, but check them all out, I promise they won't disappoint!

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