Wildly Co.

                      This past winter I discovered, I think through instagram, the company Wildy Co. The more I learned about Wildly Co. the more I fell in love with it. They produce ethically made kids clothes, including all the staples your kids need. They make it simple for you to find great children's clothes online and a no-brainer for your wild ones to get dressed! The part I love the most, besides that they are ethically made, is their concept of a capsule wardrobe. I've heard of this for adult clothing, but never thought to incorporate the concept into my kids closet. And here Wildly Co. has done it all for me!  
        I have ordered a time capsule each for my son and daughter. We already have the swing top and perfect tee. They wash well and are super durable. This is great for my kids who are really active and who always seem to be outside.  

So easy a kid can do it. Mixing and matching for every occasion. Your kids will be able to pick out their own clothes because nothing can be mismatched.

Less stress. For the mom who already has other things to focus on like food and shelter for her tribe. You will only have to shop one time per season to create your kid's wardrobe but it will hold up and carry over into the next season.
Clothes that will last. In order for your the capsule to work, only quality, durable items should be purchased. That way they have a better chance of holding up through the whole season even with the inevitable ice cream spills, grass stains, and mud pie smears.
The key items in their closet may be small in number but certainly mighty on the playground. Just like your wild ones, their capsule wardrobes will be resilient, dynamic, and ready for anything.
Here is the best part. When you order a time capsule and use the coupon code LINNEA20 you get 20% off of your order. I get a bit of a kick back too. Win for you. Win for your kids. Win for me. And win for the people that are treated well making the clothing!  
 Go to www.wildlyco.com to see all that Wildly Co. has to offer and don't forget to use your coupon code. When your clothes arrive I'd love to see them on your cute kiddos. Use the hashtag #dresswildly. 

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